Crazy Beautiful

So I know a lot of incredible women.  It's just a fact.  Every day I feel lucky and blessed for the group of strong women (made up of family and friends) that make up my circle.  Like it's kind of crazy how lucky I am.  

One woman in particular started as a work colleague, but soon after that she became a very dear friend.  Her name is Meera, and somehow, on top of her career, she manages to take care of her toddler, and own and run a successful magazine.  

The magazine is called Fusia ( ), and its a celebration of South Asian women. It focuses on a number of topics including celebrating femininity, and womens’ social issues.  Focusing on outer and inner beauty, Fusia engages and inspires South Asian women to live their best life.  Proceeds from the magazine as well as the annual magazine release party, are donated to charities that empower women by giving them the tools to generate a sustainable source of income, enabling them to start their own businesses.  It's a beautiful magazine, that has been in business for six years.

So when Meera called me to ask if we'd like to bring any of our jewelry to the cover model shoot, we obviously said yes immediately.  She had secured the incredibly talented and beautiful Lisa Ray ( ) to be on the cover.  Her stylist pulled from a couple of different lines, ours being one of them and one of our rings is being worn by Lisa in the cover shot below.  We picked up this ring on our recent trip to Tucson but it is actually from Turkey.  We will be releasing this soon along with a few other really interesting ring styles.  All of the rings we are currently carrying are adjustable.

The day of the shoot was incredible - they shot Lisa in two different looks, both drastically different but both stunning.  We were also lucky enough to have been featured within the magazine itself, telling the Fusia readers the YYZ Imports story.

Grab a copy of Fusia on May 11th at your nearest Indigo.  

As always, thanks for reading and for your continued support.  Feel free to share this with anyone you think would enjoy what we have to offer.