Jaipur, India

 In the last ten years that we have known each other we have done a lot of traveling, including a year away that took us to New Zealand, Australia, all over Southeast Asia and parts of Europe, but I can honesty say I've never had so many mixed feelings about visiting somewhere on this incredible planet of ours.  
Literally every five minutes I would flip.  Excited, scared, anxious, the list goes on.  We've visited impoverished countries before, and though many friends told us stories of their time in India and we did our best to prepare ourselves, I really don't think anything can prepare you for what you will see/ feel/ hear and smell when you step off that plane.
The poverty is like nothing you can imagine.  And so is the beauty.  And to see how happy people still are with what little they have, is incredibly inspirational.  Really makes you wonder what all of us in the Western world are complaining about all the time, with our gadgets, and things.  Always wanting more.

Part of the reason that we started this business is to give ourselves the opportunity (and an excuse) to travel to different places, always expanding our collection.  Our visit to India (even though we are still on the first leg of our trip) has completely reinforced that fact.  Meeting new people, seeing new places, learning about the culture, it's like a drug that we can't get enough of.
Our first stop is Jaipur, where we have been for the last 3 days, and tomorrow we are off to Cochin, We can't wait to see what it has to offer.
Stay tuned...