So last weekend we went to a fabric store and chose a bunch of different fabrics.  We plan to use them as the backdrop for some photos we are taking of our new collection.  Just walking in the store we felt inspired.  All the colour, the texture, the people shopping for different materials to create things with.  

It got us thinking about all the locations around this amazing city of ours to take photos.  We’re planning a couple of photo shoots in the next couple of weeks, and we can’t wait to see how things turn out.  Some of our pieces even took a little trip to Costa Rica recently with the lovely and talented Dawn Laing (aka: @loraxgirl).  Keep an eye out for those photos.

Lots to do but this is the fun stuff!

Oh..and you may have noticed this, but we have a bunch of pieces sold out already.  Lots of great pieces remain, but we can't always get things back in stock.  We'll be shopping in different locations around the world, and so the collections will reflect the different places we visit.  If you're wondering about a particular piece and whether we will carry it again just drop us a line at and we will let you know.  

Have a great day everyone!